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My passion for photography started when I was born. Since I was a little kid, I used to open all the drawers around the house and steal my brother’s camera in order to document everything that my eyes could see. Just the way I do today. My strength is represented in the way I communicate with my clients, and how I make their desires come true. I love photojournalism because I can immortalize my clients’ happy, spontaneous and emotional moments. Moments that give me the strength to work harder and keep going with what my parents thought me since I was a child, which I always carry with me when I am using my favorite photographic toys.

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2012 - FIOF Finalist Wedding Contest
2012 - FIOF Finalist Double Face Contest
2011 - 14° International Photographic
Art Exhibition di Lishui (China)
- Honorable Mention
2011 - FEP Photographer QEP cat. Wedding
2011 - FIOF Photographer QIP cat. Research
2011 - FIOF Professional Photography Award
-- 2 Bronze cat. Wedding
-- 1 Silver cat. Research
2011 - FIOF Finalist Wedding Contest
2010 - FIOF Professional Photography Award
-- 2 Bronze cat. Wedding
-- 1 Bronze cat. Portrait

2010 - FIOF Photographer QIP cat. Wedding
2009 - FIOF Professional Photography Award
-- 1 Bronze cat. Wedding
2008 - FIOF Professional Photography Award
-- 2 Bronze cat. Wedding
2007 - FIOF Professional Photography Award
-- 2 Bronze cat. Wedding
-- 1 Bronze cat. Portrait
2007 - FEP Photographer QEP cat. Portrait
2007 - FIOF Photographer QIP cat. Portrait
2013 - Marostica
2013 - Siena
2012 - Egadi
2011 - Riccione
2011 - Egadi
2010 - Egadi
2009 - Egadi
2006 - Ostuni
2004 - Trapani
2003 - Rimini


What people say about him

Luigi Rota - I met Sergio as a colleague at some photography meetings, from the first time we met, a friendship was born which over the years has established itself more and more through our common passion for our work.
I really admire his great professionalism and the energy that he puts us into everything he does - organizing his work and his many daily tasks. I respect the way he addresses problems, always finding a solution with serenity and optimism.
I greatly admire his work and his professional skills which, without a doubt make him an "unconventional" photographer who is definitely out of the ordinary. Sergio's unique style shines from his pictures, a style which also reflects his joyful, extravagant and sunny character. Technical competence and expertise in photography are important but often more important are the feelings, the emotions, and the soul each of us transmit though our appearance and which Sergio succeeds in transmitting in every shot.
Sergio certainly has much offer not only as a professional but also as a person, with his sincerity and humanity, values which are today increasingly rare.

Roberta Cozza - Your every thought is an action already carried out, a flurry of creativity that finds its outlet in the art of photography, all the time, always, the extension of your thought, pure instinct and purity of intent. A visionary idealist, with a sincere soul and simple in your ways. You never tire of giving all that you have to people around you, nor do you tire of offering intense emotions which will prove over time to be precious memories like diamonds hidden in the picture. I would like to give you a quote from a great photographer who was born at the beginning of the 1900s, a women who was energetic and a fighter like myself: “Find something new, something that no one could have imagined before, something that only you can find because, in addition to being a photographer, you're a human being a bit special, able to look in depth where others would pull straight.” (Margaret Bourke-White)

Vittorio Battellini - It is a beautiful sunny day at Palermo airport, Sergio opens the roof of his blue convertible for me, flooding me with light and allowing me to be intoxicated by the fragrances of this beautiful island. Tanned by the Sicilan sun, and with a broad smile, he welcomes me to his land.
This is howI remember my first meeting with Sergio in Sicily. Several years have passed, many different flights carrying different symbols have taken me there. I have got to know him better, to touch his work, see him at work.
I've always admitted that we are very different both in character, and our working styles and in many other ways. But between us there an affinity, sharing of ideas, a great respect and esteem - a fluid that binds us. And every time we say goodbye and we hug, I always feel a lump in my throat, a feeling of nostalgia even before I leave.
Sergio has a character and style which complement one another perfectly He has the amazing ability of involving the subjects in any project, something that I've always envied. His way of working is incredible, everything happens in a continual growth. It is a whirlwind of sensations, adrenaline and passion that springs into action and to assist in this action.
It is hard to understand if you are not involved at the time. His images show this enthusiasm, and his strength.
But they also tell of his land, its landscapes, the wildlife and especially that of the sea: beautiful, charming and beloved ingredient of his works. Through a careful, continuous, research that has been refined over time, Sergio has won many national and international awards. The qualification Italian Qip, the European Qep and a number of worthy mentions have made his work and his character increasingly well known. A solid base of sixteen years of professionalism, innovation and continuous experimentation has offered the public the essence of his very being: sunshine, creative storm, instinct and passion.

Pino Coduti - I have known Sergio as a friend and colleague for so many years that I am by now convinced that, like a mirror, he reflects all the incredible features of his homeland: the beautiful Sicily.
Volcanic, passionate, cheerful, positive, infinitely creative are, in fact, just some of the adjectives that immediately come to mind after knowing him even for only a few minutes.
As a professional you are captured by his tireless, proactive energy and you cannot help but appreciate how much passion emerges from the splendid images of his beloved work.
Images where, over and over again, positivity and the happiest of emotions emerge, bringing a message to heart and mind.
And it is his heart, his great humanity, and his welcoming attitude that makes Sergio Cancelliere a unique person who, once known, you can hardly do without ..... just like his beloved Sicily!

 Sergio Cancelliere
Via San Giovanni Bosco, 8 - 91100 Trapani
Tel. +39 0923 547429 -
P.I. 01780020812
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